As your personal Intuitive Life Coach we can work together to make Transformation and Balance your choice! Our combined efforts can be both short term or long term projects via telephone. Our mutual goal is to create the course of action, the best solutions to fit you and your unique situation. We may brainstorm, create order in your life, or I may be your "sounding board" when you just have the need to talk. A live Telephone Session with me as your Life Coach can help you to get on the right track. All sessions are set up by appointment, and each session will have a specific outline prepared in advance. Creative Problem Solving Solutions by your own Personal Intuitive Life Coach. Coaching you to make your own miracles and to design your own future! What has happened to you in the past does not matter; only what you have done about it and how you have grown from it that counts. It is time to design your own future.
I am an intuitive Life Coach that can help you choose the best option in the face of one of life's many crossroads. My goal is to help you sort out your situation, to help you identify and create options, to weigh the pros and cons of the options, and encourage you to trust yourself enough to make the right one. I am naturally intuitive, therefore I am sensitive to your feelings with both sympathy and empathy. Intuition can encompass the ability to know valid solutions to problems without superstitious thoughts or beliefs. In other words; I am a non-denominational life coach. My style is the common sense approach. It doesn't matter what your spiritual beliefs are, or what mine are, because the common sense techniques can work for everyone. I believe in my own intuition and I use it in my sessions. Intuition is a soul faculty, is immediate mental apprehension without the intervention of any reasoning process. It is absolute "knowing," not to be confused with ESP, psychic ability, hunches, suspicion or rationalization. My intuition is a deep "listening". I pay attention to what you say to me, but also what you do not. I may use tools of divination to also uncover many of the issues that you do not voice to me, or are even hidden to you. This is not a "psychic reading" or "fortune telling" as I do not, and will not be performing it. I use these tools to help ME focus on YOU, not the other way around! Many people go to "psychics" or fortune tellers but really want or need a Life Coach because what they are truly seeking is a SOLUTION. Divination methods help me.. to help you. I do not over complicate things, in fact; I will help you to simplify your life. I want to connect with each client at the soul level so that I can understand their spirit. FEELING your own spiritual side and really being in tune with it allows you the peace of mind of knowing you have control of yourself. Feeling the spirit is always dramatic in books or movies but in reality we experience it on a much more human everyday level. You'll never hear me preach hocus pocus to you, I'll only present you with the Universal Laws and the knowledge you already have, but with different ways to structure yourself.

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